Explorer is quarterly intelligence on oil & gas markets in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Russia and Central Asia. Combining in-depth commercial analysis, country by country activity overview and a comprehensive data set of nearly 8,500 license rights and personal contacts, as well as data on 115 crude oil refineries, Explorer is a tool to help you better understand oil and gas markets and sell your products and services.

The operational updates on activities of each country’s key operators highlight specific commercial opportunities for service and equipment providers and direct contact information for commercial and technical personnel to further develop the commercial lead. Based on this data you will be able to find out:

Based on this data you will be able to find out:

  • who is doing seismic?
  • who is drilling?
  • how much proppant is used?
  • who will be first to produce from new oil and gas resources?
  • which explorers and refiners are buying products and services?
  • which markets are the most active?